Year in Review

RAIN’s fiscal year runs from July to June. As many people do when traditional New Years Day approaches on the calendar, the staff at RAIN likes to look back over the last 12 months to review how they did…

  • 160 people were housed in the RAIN transitional living program, an increase of 19% over last year
  • 14 household with 27 children were reunified while at RAIN
  • 78% of adults found employment while at RAIN
  • 89% of adults were employed at discharge
  • 3 First Time Drivers License acquired
  • 21 Reinstated Drivers License
  • 2 Legal Records Expunged
  • One teenager finished high school and left RAIN with a full scholarship to the University of Nevada
  • 2 adults passed the GED
  • 93.5% of all RAIN leavers left to permanent housing
  • 100% remained in housing after 6 months
  • 15 Respite Residents entered RAIN
  • 71% of all Respites left to housing
  • 100% of school age children were in school within 10 days of entry
  • With the help of First 5, Bright Horizons and Amgen, RAIN had 3 playrooms remodeled
  • Met all HUD Grant bed occupancy requirements by 168%

It is my privilege to be part of an agency that works for the sole purpose of providing services for those less fortunate. Few are so blessed to witness the miraculous change when a parent embraces their responsibility, develops life skills, moves into mainstream society and adopts the universal traditions of caring for ones family.
Tina McDonald, Program Manager

I love the RAINTLC program, I love working with the population we serve, and I love watching the truly remarkable things that people can accomplish when they have the support and motivation they receive from each other and all our staff.
Summer Willison, Social Worker

In the past 2 years working at Rain I have grown to understand PURE patience. The people that enter RAIN most are having a hard time in their life and they do not know how to react to the people around them. Some people are angry, their situation seems so grim, but they are not really angry at us. Over time they’re attitude changes, and a couple times a resident has apologized and thank the Staff for having Patience. Patience can go a long way and can help people grow.
Samantha Lara, FSRW III

The differences I make at RAIN are minimal compared to the collective efforts of all staff and management. I personally take the time to speak to residence; be involved in their daily lives; show empathy when needed and try my best to be a good example. Most importantly, I feel when residence depart from RAIN they’ll certainly have learned some valuable life lessons.
Melloney Newman, FSRW II

What is the most simple to some, maybe the hardest to a few, Treating others as you would like to be treated, especially if you place yourselves in there shoes, as for respect and kindness they go along way, and as for me, to give our residents a clean room to live in, a place where they can rest in safety and in peace. A place where “we” replaces “me” and the word “I” is replaced with the word “us” is what I call eight hours of helping make this blue marble a better place to live.

At the end of the day a simple “thank you”, a smile or a handshake and a tired body are the rewards I receive in exchange for a day of my life.
Angel Andrade, Tech Spec IV

Let me start off by thanking you guys for allowing me to be part of the Rain project =). I never knew a place like this even existed until I joined the team. After learning about all of the things that we provide here for residents (food, transportation, classes, clothing, time) I knew that a place like this would make an excellent stepping stone for our residents. Earlier today, I had a resident thank me for providing him with a couple of articles of clothing that he had requested. He said when he first got here, he only had a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with him and he now had a complete wardrobe thanks to us. He expressed his gratitude and seemed really thankful. It made me feel great!! Something as simple as a t-shirt or pair of pants can make someone feel so happy. Some people really do show up with just the shirt on their back here. I’m glad I was able to make someone’s day by providing them with something that I seem to take for granted in my daily life.
Elizabeth Romero, FSRW II

Rain to me is more than employment but also a place which allows me to help the population that we serve. The opportunity to be able to use my personal life experiences to help others for the best is a rewarding experiences in it self. Rain staff and management go above and beyond to accomplish the same common goal at Rain.
Francisco Jacquez, FSRW III

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