Thank You’s

From a past resident reconnecting to say thanks to Brenda Davison, Client Services Coordinator: 

“Thank you Brenda so much for everything!  Very appreciative for all the help in getting our life back on track.  We are doing very well.”

“Hello ladies and RAIN staff!
Well I have officially been gone from RAIN for 10 months! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday my daughter and I were climbing over piles of clothes to get out the door! Today is such a great day! I have a wonderful job. I just had my annual review (yes I have been here at my employer for over a year), and I am proud to say I received another raise, putting me at $21 an hour. 
I am so blessed, grateful, and honored to have been accepted to RAIN and to have received all the tools to be able to provide an awesome foundation and structure for me and my kids. Rebuilding is hard, but maintaining the balance is harder.
I remember the day the my daughter was taken from my custody. The darkest day of my life thus far. April 2010. Then my son was arrested in July 2011 and convicted of 3 felonies in May 2012.  And here I stand, still clean. Still a little crazy at times, but much more appreciative for life, love, and happiness.
I have learned a few things, hangers ACTUALLY work (thanks for all the write-ups). Groceries are expensive (we DO miss Anna’s cooking).  And driving a car is like having another child! (gas, oil changes, insurance). But it is all part of being a grown-up!
Jerry DeVillers and Dr. Sprague gave me my smile back, and the RAIN helped me find my soul! 
Thank you guys for all that you do and all that you are!!
I will forever be blessed to call you guys family!
Love to you!”


“First off, I don’t know where I would be without RAIN.  The staff are amazing people and helpers.  I am so grateful to have lived here and accomplished what I needed to do.  Thank you to everyone that has helped me…..Truly.”


“I learned a lot of strengths I never knew I had.  Wonderful place.”

“Life changing second chance.”


“Excellent experience, the best life changing program in the State of California.  Thank you!  I am so grateful.”

“It’s a place where you can financially and emotionally learn to control and budget yourself.”

“The RAIN program was a huge help for my family.”

“It was a great experience living with so many people and children I met and became friends with.  The RAIN program has helped me to become more self-sufficient.”

“It was a great experience for my daughters and I, we loved it and feel that it was a real blessing to be at RAIN.”

“I got my dentures here, which was an emotional and physical rollercoaster.  Thanks to the support I received here, I did it!  I now not only have my smile, but my self esteem.”

“Very awesome!  Something my daughter and I will always cherish.”