Favorite Zindagi Games Matches Donations

Zindagi Games, a Camarillo-based video gaming company, has matched community donations as part of the second annual Zindagi Challenge. Prior to the holiday season, Zindagi challenged three local charities, FOOD Share, Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo and RAIN Transitional Living Center, to raise $50,000 before December 31, 2011.

The community and charities were able to raise the $50,000. As a result, Umrao Mayer and George Simmons, the principals of Zindagi Games, matched the $50,000. The three groups will now split the $100,000.

Thank you Zindagi!

What is the RAIN Transitional Living Center?

A Bridge to Permanent Housing
Since 1997, the RAIN Transitional Living Center (RAIN) has provided housing and services to families and single adults in Ventura County, California, to help with the transition from homelessness to permanent housing.

Serving up to 70 people at a time in a home-like setting in Camarillo, RAIN provides nutritious meals; intensive case management services; employment assistance including transportation to work; life skills courses on topics such as money management, parenting, and relapse prevention; and privately-funded enrichment programs for children.

How Can I Help?

Become a Partner in Transforming Lives
Homeless families and individuals working to make a new start in life need community support and comprehensive resources beyond the restrictions often attached to public funding. Therefore, RAIN Communities, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3), partners with the County of Ventura to provide funding for special programs at RAIN, including counseling, childcare, and fun activities for the children and their parents.

Half of RAIN’s residents are children. Field trips, gardening, arts, and other enrichment activities funded by RAIN Communities, Inc. are important parts of the RAIN program, helping children whose lives have been so difficult feel more like “regular kids.

To volunteer at RAIN (individual and group volunteer projects are welcome) please call RAIN Communities, Inc. at (805) 482-5063. You can also help by making tax-deductible in-kind, or financial donation that will help a RAIN resident make a new start in life. To make a secure online donation, please use the “Donate” button on the right.