Setback and Recovery

With 2 children, Eddy and Edna came to RAIN in hopes of making their way back from the loss of their jobs, car, and house. Homeless with no hope in site the family arrived at RAIN grateful and anxious to get started. Eddy quickly found employment, but after only a few weeks a mental breakdown put an end to his plan. With the help of RAIN’s therapist Eddy soon found aid and began the long climb back to sanity.

Edna soon recognized her role in the family, as Eddy struggled to recover, Edna found work, childcare and began saving. With the help of RCI therapists, Edna and her sons surrendered to the reality of mental illness and the issues that faced their husband and father. As Eddy made the slow recovery from psychosis, Edna and the boys went to work, school and daycare and loved each other.

With the help of the Department of Rehabilitation, a partner with RAIN, Eddy was able to get a diagnosis and disability paperwork completed. This allows Eddy to participate in the family’s financial needs and is an important part of his recovery. Accepting the needs of her husband and family, Edna contacted her family in Texas and a job was arranged. With their finances under control, a car purchased, and a better understanding of each other this lovely family moved to Texas, to housing and family.

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