Road to Self-Sufficiency

Joe came to RAIN with his oldest son.  A recovering addict who spent his teen years with the gangs in his neighborhood, Joe hoped to find a path for his son that was different than the one he knew in his childhood.  With no driver’s license, and a complex legal history, finding work was a challenge; he utilized RAIN’s Job Club and gained employment at a local fast food restaurant.

Soon after his girlfriend of many years, June, joined Joe after giving birth to their second son.  June’s past was as laden with legal issues and drug abuse as Joe but she, like Joe, showed tenacity in her search for work and gained employment after weeks of pounding the pavement.

With fines and a driver’s license on hold, both worked with Homeless Court and completed hours of community service work to gain their right to drive.  With license in hand, Joe picked up his beloved car and started on the road to self-sufficiency.

After months of following their case plan, Joe and June saved money, paid off debts, and drove their family to permanent housing.

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