Renewing Self-Confidence

Ricky and Lucy came to RAIN in May 2012 with their two children, both under 3 years old.  Neither was working, but both were determined.  Lucy immediately got to work on getting her drivers license reinstated by working with Homeless Court.  She got the number of community service hours she needed and worked with various RAIN staff to complete her hours.  Along with this legal issue, Lucy also went to court and fought to have her record cleared.  Within 2 months at RAIN she cleared her record and was given a drivers license.  With her license in hand she picked up her car that was collecting dust at a family members home, and made her first step into self-sufficiency.

Ricky’s first 2 months at RAIN was considerably more difficult.  The number of community service hours needed to clear his license was higher than Lucy’s, and his record posed more of a challenge.  He started his road to self-sufficiency by going to the CalWORKS job club.  This helped him develop a resume, feel more confident and set up a routine.  After completing the job club, Ricky spent most of his day looking for work.  With a record, he received a number of rejections, but he stood the course and landed a job.

Both Ricky and Lucy had a difficult time separating from their little ones.  While at RAIN they needed to attend parenting and other self-sufficiency classes, so they got used to placing their children in the hands of other caring adults.  Soon the children were placed in daycare, and both mom and dad were free to seek employment.

After much searching Ricky found a job.  He went every day, came home tired at night, but his shoulders were squared, his head was up and his self confidence was palatable.  Within a month, Ricky got a call from an old employer who wanted very much to have him back on his payroll.  Ricky was thrilled, he loved the work and the pay would support his family.  Soon after Ricky completed his Homeless Court hours and regained his driver’s license.

Within 5 months at RAIN, this little family repaired some old damage, got their drivers license and their car back, their children were safe in childcare, dad was working and mom soon would be. They now live in their own apartment and we wish them well.

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