Overcoming Her Past

Sandy came to RAIN hoping to be reunited with her child, but understanding that her past might interfere with her wishes.  The daughter of drug addicted parents she lived her early life in an unpredictable, unsafe environment which lead to her own early drug use and first pregnancy at age 15.  After many attempts at recovery, Sandy achieved a year of sobriety when entering RAIN.

A very bright young woman, she looked for work with the determination of a mother bear protecting her young.  After several rejections she was able to gain employment and began saving.  With a suspended driver’s license, Sandy worked hard to complete community services hours to decrease her fines through Homeless Court and win back her right to drive.  After months of work she was awarded her license and with her savings purchased a car.  With transportation resolved, she took on a second job to increase savings and pay down past debt.

Sandy worked hard with her Child Protective Service Social Worker and was given time to spend with her son, a teenage boy recovering from cancer.

Sandy left RAIN to live at a sober living center in Oxnard.  She left with a car, driver’s license, a job and with luck, a chance to have a relationship with her son.

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