Olivia and Jayden are getting ready to move out of RAIN…

… with their 2 children.  When the couple arrived, they were part of drug court and came into RAIN through our CFS/DDC contract. Olivia completed a drug program and was reunited with Jayden, the father of both children.  Both worked on overcoming their prior behavior and after 4 months, they graduated from drug court, which closed their CFS case and freed them from the legal issues they acquired.  Olivia went to work in Oxnard through CalWORKS and accumulated work experience, while Jayden went to work for Camar making a nice income.

Having come to RAIN with little more than the clothes on their backs, the couple paid down their bills and saved enough to purchase a car.  With money in their savings, the two were able to get a room for the family.  While at RAIN both Jayden and Olivia studied for the GED, improved their parenting skills, and understood the importance of maintaining a budget.

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