Favorite Zindagi Games Matches Donations

Zindagi Games, a Camarillo-based video gaming company, has matched community donations as part of the second annual Zindagi Challenge. Prior to the holiday season, Zindagi challenged three local charities, FOOD Share, Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo and RAIN Transitional Living Center, to raise $50,000 before December 31, 2011.

The community and charities were able to raise the $50,000. As a result, Umrao Mayer and George Simmons, the principals of Zindagi Games, matched the $50,000. The three groups will now split the $100,000.

Thank you Zindagi!

RAIN Adopt-A-Family for the Holidays 2012

We currently have 16 amazing RAIN families that are in great need to be adopted for the holidays. If you are interested in doing something a little different this year, this is the best way to warm your heart and the hearts of a homeless family in need.

The process goes as follows: figure out what family size you, your company, family or friends can feasibly handle (our smallest size is a single adult and our largest family size is eight).

After we figure out the family for you, we will send you a copy of a wish list which consists of clothing sizes for pants, shirts, jackets, shoes and toys for each person in the family. We will give you the names, ages and gender of the entire family. We are looking for donors to purchase a mixture of both clothing and toys for our children. We kindly ask this as many of our children and adults need clothing to keep warm this winter.

The Adopt-a-Family gifts are to be opened on either Hanukkah, if the resident is of that faith, or opened on Christmas morning. These gifts should come wrapped with names on each present and it is up to you if you want the family to know who adopted them or not. All these gifts should be new as it is traditional in Holiday giving.

This is a very fun and rewarding way to share the gift of giving to someone less fortunate than you. Help spread cheer in the lives of our families that are trying to get back on their feet and back into the real world with a new perspective on life and people. Happy Holidays!

Please e-mail Isaac Romero at RAIN with any questions or to request details on a family to adopt.

The due date for all adoptions to be dropped off at RAIN will be on Friday, December 21nd 2012 @ 8PM.

Also please note that due to confidentiality, it is completely up to the residents to agree to meet their donor or not.