New Country, New Life

Kate came to RAIN with her 2 children, Susie age 14 and Sam 10.  The family was victims of domestic violence. Mom had a driver’s license, but was afraid to drive, and the family had moved to the United States from Ukraine.  Mom received a visa when she entered the U.S. and married her abusive spouse, but with her separation and no financial support her hope of extending her visa was a desperate problem.  With a part time job, no transportation, a college degree from her native country, but no jobs available in her field, and with a heavy accent which made understanding her English difficult, Kate’s barriers to self-sufficiency were apparent, and staggering.

With the children in school and set with tutors from School on Wheels, they made a quick adjustment to life at RAIN. With the trauma of escaping domestic violence, the children and their mother worked with our therapists and soon began the slow path to healing from trauma.

With employment from a local dress shop, Kate saved and when her ability to purchase a car was foreseeable, her Social Worker made arrangements for her to take driving lessons to gain confidence, and soon after bought a car with the help of RCI Board member, Jerry DeVillers.  To help improve her ability to communicate, Kate’s Social Worker made arrangements for her to work with an English teacher and soon her language skills improved. With transportation and more confidence, Kate was hired by the County of Ventura in a full-time position with increased income.   With one more barrier to go, Kate found help from RCI’s attorneys, and with the gift of free legal assistance she found a resolution to her visa problem.

This lovely family is now living in Ventura.

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