My name is “Rachael”…

…  and I am originally from Pakistan. I came to the United States 13 years ago and I got married. I have two minor daughters. I am from a culture where women work inside the house. They take care of the house and the children whereas men provide for the living. I tried to do my job well as a homemaker, but my husband gave me a hard time financially. He abused me verbally and physically all these years. I had no choice but to bear the abuses because I depended on him for living.

Getting a divorce was not an option for me because of pressure from my parents and the society I belonged to. Things kept growing worse. My husband abused my parents and other family members. They finally realized my pain and allowed me to get a divorce.

So, I was able to break the cycle of violence. I moved into RAIN TLC in the end of July. I am going through divorce now. I have been a homemaker all these years of my married life but now, I need to work for living. I am a graduate in psychology from Pakistan, but my degree did not get me any job in the United States. I understand that now I am the sole provider for me and my girls so I decided to pursue more education. I want to have a financially sound career because I want to provide my daughters a good living and not deprive them since their father is no longer supporting them.

Currently I am enrolled for vocational training in computerized financial accounting. I am going to an adult school in Ventura. I have to be on my own as early as possible. It is my goal of becoming independent. RAIN TLC has helped me with counseling and many other skills.

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