Mother Bear

Hello, my name is Jane Doe and I have a success story to tell. I entered RAIN in September of 2012 with my twin boys. I completed the PROTOTYPES Women Center, and after 8 months of sobriety I came to RAIN. I had two other children who were at Casa Pacifica and another daughter in Foster Care.

My success story began when I got my 5 children taken from me on December 20, 2010. I was under the influence, mad at the world and ready to give up on my life. But it was my second oldest son who said, “Mom you have to get the kids back, you are a good mother.” With that, I had the courage to get “me” together. I called PROTOTYPES everyday. Not a day went by that I did not call, and when I did get in I was afraid of the change, but I did what I needed to and three months later I had my twins, and on the weekends I was able to visit my other children. When it was time to go, Brenda Davison came to visit me; she had me fill out the RAIN application. With my twins I entered RAIN and began to work on getting my other 3 children. I went to parenting and therapy and my boys got help too. After a few months my family was reunited.

Now that I had the children, I needed to find work. It took almost 6 months, but I found employment at A.I Auctions in Motion. I worked there on and off for 6 months. While at RAIN my parents gave me a car. RAIN helped me get into Homeless Court and with that I paid off eight infractions which allowed me to obtain my driver’s license. With the money I made, I worked with my case manager to set up a budget that allowed me to pay off old electricity bills, and a whole lot more.

Last but not least I had a good case manager, Summer Ward. She gave me that push to be the mother bear I know I am, and stayed with me until I got a care giver job after 8 months of trying. I love the help I’ve received from this program.

Thank you.

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