How To Get Help

If you or someone you know are homeless and think RAIN might be helpful for you please call 805-383-7505.  Leave your name and number where you can be reached. An Intake Screener will call you within 24 hours.  The Screener will provide the first step in the intake process by asking questions designed to insure that you are eligible for our program.

Applicants must be:

    • Ventura County residents
    • Currently homeless
    • Able to work (adults)
    • Able to commit to living in a clean and sober group living environment
    • Willing to participate in meeting personal goals set jointly by the client and case manager
    • Willing and able to assist with daily chores to ensure a pleasant and healthy living environment
    • Able to follow RAIN rules and participate in both community meetings and activities

The Screener will send you an application with a self addressed, stamped envelope.  Please fill out the application and mail it as soon as possible.

The Screener will also request that you call 805-383-7505 weekly to let us know that your situation has not changed and you are still interested in our program.  It is important to note that entrance to RAIN depends solely on availability of rooms. Those who call to check-in will be the first called when a room is available. If there is no check-in call it will be assumed you are no longer homeless and in need of our program, your file will be closed after 30 days.

Once the application has been received and a room is available the Client Services Coordinator (CSC) will make an appointment to provide a face to face interview.  At this interview additional information will be provided to you about RAIN.  The CSC will present all relevant information to the Case Management Team and a date and time will be set to enter.

When you arrive you will be expected to take a drug test, and the staff will check for lice.   Many of our clients coming from the street find it difficult to avoid such things as lice.  This will not stop you or your children from entering; we will provide your family with a lice kit and assist in the treatment.  After passing the drug test you and your family will be taken to your room.

Room preparation is considered by RAIN staff to be of utmost importance, we take great pride in providing you and your children with a room that is clean and welcoming.  So it is with great pleasure that we show you to your quarters.

RAIN is meant to be an opportunity to undo damage, start anew, and give your children an environment that is safe and caring.