Good Medicine

I have had a good life and I consider myself a rich man, because of my children. I had a career as a Firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service and left when I had a knee injury. I decided to pursue a career in the medical field and became a certified Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist. In 2008, I was a Medical Assistant for California Kidney Medical Group. The company was bought by Davita Dialysis and I was let go in 2010. I still had faith that I would find employment in the medical field, but because of the recession and subsequent divorce form my wife, life took a turn to homelessness.

Since 2010, I had been living in a front porch at a church in Santa Paula. The Pastor was very understanding and let me stay there as long as I was respectful of the property. I believe that it was my faith and daily routine of washing up at a local Taco Bell, getting something to eat at a local church in Ventura and visiting the job and career center in Ventura that kept my sanity. It was the weekends that were difficult for me, because the church in Ventura and the Job and Career Center was closed, and you know that saying, “Idle hands are the Devils friend.”
I started drinking to the point that I became concerned about my health and safety, and found a sober living center in Ventura. I finished the program and contacted Brenda.

I became a RAIN resident in September 2013, and will be leaving in January 2014, moving into a room that so happens to be in the house of a co-worker. While at RAIN I have accomplished finding full time employment, applying for my driver’s license, and applying to have my Phlebotomy license re-instated. I am in the process of paying off some legal debts, and I am paying child support, while I look for an affordable car.

Being homeless can make a person live another reality that brings out the survival instincts and behaviors that can make someone believe that…. this is normal.

I used to try and forget about my homelessness, by drinking alcohol. Now through a sober living program and prevention classes at RAIN, H have come to deal with my alcoholism, with clarity and my faith in our God…

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