Future Is Now an Open Road

Before moving into RAIN I had experienced the most challenging, difficult, and incredibly stressful period of my life.

It started with the unexpected death of my husband.  Our son was one and a half years old at the time, and we had just moved far away from our family and support system.  In the process of my grieving I often did not set the boundaries that were necessary for my son so that he would know what was expected of his behavior.  He was at times out of control, oppositional, and very difficult to manage, and I did not have the support system I needed as a single mom during a time of deep grieving and distress.

After the loss of my partner, my son and I relocated where I found a job.  Unfortunately, I was laid off only 6 months later after the company lost millions of dollars in their revenue.  My living situation was impermanent and unstable and I was about to start living out of my car when I called RAIN.

Within the first month of living at RAIN I became employed with a strong and stable company.  I have been promoted twice since being hired and also received two raises in my pay.

I have purchased a good, used vehicle that will be reliable transportation for many years.  In addition, I have paid off over $10,000 of debt which has greatly improved my credit score and empowered me to move out having a clean slate with my finances.

The classes at RAIN have taught me how to create and maintain a budget so I successfully manage my income and expenses when moving into our own apartment.  I have broadened my parenting skills with a therapist from TBS along with the Parenting Skills class.  My son’s behavior has improved tremendously and I have greatly increased my ability to manage his behavior with more confidence and authority.

The resources provided at RAIN also gave me the opportunity to work with a therapist to process through my many unresolved emotions I carried from trauma I experienced as a child and the recent death of my partner.  I am now much stronger and stable and feel confident in my ability to provide for my son and move forward with stability as a single mother.

What RAIN has given me is a support system that I did not have access to and could not create on my own.  I feel like the future is now an open road that is full of possibility because we have been given the help we so desperately needed.”

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