Father and Daughter

My name is John Doe and I am a success story at RAIN.  Before moving into RAIN I was homeless and living in a tent under a bridge.  I called RAIN when I was told that my daughter was going to be adopted if I did not find a safe place to live.  To my surprise and delight I moved into RAIN only days after calling for help.  Soon after I arrived at RAIN my over night visits with my daughter began and within weeks she moved into RAIN and with me for good.  While being a Dad was great I still needed to be able to support my little girl; I found work at Goodwill Industries and with the help of my case manager and RAIN self-sufficiency classes I started a savings account.

After weeks of doing chores, picking up the yard and other helpful duties I earned enough Homeless Court hours to get my drivers license and with my savings I purchased a car.  My greatest achievement happened this month when my CFS case was closed and I gained full custody of my beautiful 3 year old daughter.

There are no words to express how thankful I am for RAIN.

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