Family Reunited

I voluntarily stopped working to care for my daughter with a disability.  She was struggling in school and needed me home.  A month later my husband was laid off from his job at a local car dealership.  We knew money would be tight, but it was a sacrifice we felt we had to make.  My husband searched for work, but was unsuccessful.

After time without a job, and not being able to provide for the family, we fell into depression, anxiety and low self esteem. We started self-medicating and using drugs. We stopped paying rent and lost everything. Our older kids left to stay with family due to our living conditions, no electricity for a whole month. Our 5 younger kids were not going to school and they had head lice. We did not know how to get back on our feet; we had no hope…until RAIN contacted us. In 6 months we were able to gain employment with the help of the Job Club. My husband has an excellent paying job and we are both employed. RAIN helped us with transportation to appointments and to work until we got our own vehicle.  We paid homeless court with community service hours which was over $13,000, allowing us both to get our driver’s license reinstated.  We worked through emotional obstacles and distractions through individual, family and couples therapy.

We have reunited with our older children and we where able to save $4000.  We have gained tools through the self-sufficiency classes, and we were able to get our own apartment and move out of RAIN which is our greatest accomplishment.  With faith and support and the right resources we did it.  Thank you RAIN and all your supporters

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