Dad and his two daughters came to RAIN…

… in November 2010. Like many men working in the construction field he found himself without a job and soon after lost his housing. The family had been living in Dad’s truck for weeks, and when the family arrived the girls had lice that took the efforts of their father and RAIN staff weeks to resolve.

While at RAIN the 2 girls blossomed with tutoring, counseling, a new school and tender loving care. The youngest ran for Vice President of her class, and although she did not win, she won a seat on the Student Counsel and gained self confidence. Both girls spent the summer at the Boys and Girls Club, than won a spot to attend the Junior Life Guard Program in Malibu. Both girls swam, got a wonderful tan, had a great time, and once they completed the program, they spent an additional week learning to surf. Being raised by their father, the girls were given help in therapy to gain a better understanding of themselves as young women, and this was on display when both stared in RAIN’s annual Talent Show.

Dad took his time at RAIN very seriously. Unable to finish high school he studied and passed the GED. He used the computers at RAIN and found an online course to take the test to become a Contractor. With that under his belt he secured employment, saved over $7000, paid off all his bills and raised his credit score.

Dad and his girls will leave RAIN on May 6, 2012, having reached their goal, and made all of us who supported this family proud to have been a witness to their success. (16 months)

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