County Partnership

HSARAIN Communities, Inc. (RCI) and the Human Service Agency of the County of Ventura have enjoyed a partnership since 2002. The entity titled the “RAIN Transitional Living Center” (RAIN) is a transformative environment for individuals and families that are homeless and struggle with barriers that interfere with daily living. RAIN provides intensive case management services and resources to increase the adult’s ability to be self-sufficient. While working with the adult, RAIN is also working on generational poverty and homelessness by strengthening the bond between parent and child, and providing children’s programs to strengthen the child’s educational and coping skills.

To meet these goals, the County of Ventura provides the shelter itself, case management, oversight of an intensive program, and employees to run a 24/7 facility. RCI provides programs that enrich and assist in family bonding, healing and child development.  This partnership has resulted in exceptional outcomes with stories that would make your heart sing.

Funding from RAIN Communities, Inc. provides these important programs:

Beyond the Back Yard – This program is designed to offer positive and lasting memories for homeless children and their parents. All families that come from homelessness are traumatized, and the trauma interferes with the normal bond that exits between parent and child. This bond is critical to the constructive development of the child. By providing activities that are fun, engaging and enlightening, the parent and child experience activities together, creating new memories that will be part of their family history.

Moving Forward – Adults and children entering RAIN have experienced separation, loss, violence, mental health issue, addiction and more. To help move the individual and the family forward, therapeutic interventions are needed.  RCI provides a group of therapist trained in trauma. These dedicated professionals see RAIN clients with mental health and behavioral issues and facilitate in family bonding. Through RCI, the therapist offers groups, such as parenting and relapse prevention, along with individual, family, couples and child therapy.

Bright Futures – The newest RCI program was developed to foster the educational development for children at RAIN. The program focuses on providing stimulating activities that advance the child’s aspirations in regards to education, physical and nutritional understanding and development.