Favorite Local Girl Scout Provides Golden Touch at RAIN TLC

This past month local Girl Scout Ava implemented her“Take Action Gold Award Project” at the RAIN Transitional Living Center. Ava and her team members as well as RAIN Children’s Services worker Karryn Messmer provided numerous art projects that promoted creativity, imagination and raised the self-esteem of RAIN children. The kids had an amazing time with Ava and her team as they provided these workshops for them throughout the month of July. We, at RAIN commend Ava for an amazing job with our children!  Arts and crafts from Ava’s “Take Action Project”  will be displayed at the Ventura County Fair Youth Expo.

Thank you Ava & Team!!!

Favorite Mother’s Day gifts bring joy to RAIN families

For the last several years, Lifesong Communities has set up a Jewelry ‘shop’ at the RAIN Transitional Living Center. RAIN children are able to shop for Mother’s Day gifts to give their moms. Lifesong community members then help them wrap the jewelry and make a special card. The gifts are at no cost to the residents and the jewelry comes through donations collected by the community. These gifts are wonderful for our RAIN mother’s and are treasured by all that receive them. We here at RAIN are thankful for Lifesong Christian Communities and their commitment to helping RAIN children and families. If you would like more information about helping RAIN and it’s children please contact Karryn Messmer 805.389.3308.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Favorite Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Provides Day of Service

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church provided a Day of Service at RAIN on Friday March 23, 2012. Group leader David Anderson Director of Senior High Activities for the church said ” It’s a great opportunity to partner with RAIN and have our youth give back to the community.” Volunteers provided landscaping, donation organization and recreational sports for RAIN children. Kathy Anderson group leader is also looking forward to starting up a therapeutic gardening project for children and parents at RAIN. 

Thank You Emmanuel Presbyterian!

Favorite Cal State Universities give to RAIN

Cal State Universities recently made a donation of $1,100.00 to the RAIN Transiitonal Living Center. RAIN was chosen by host Cal State University Channel Islands to be the beneficiary of the 10th Annual Academic Resources Conference held in Ventura Tuesday evening. RAIN was chosen based on it’s strong commitment to helping homeless children and adults here in the county.

Favorite Camarillo Children’s Dental Group Helps RAIN Children

RAIN Transitional Living Center was visited by the Camarillo Children’s Dental Group on February 29, 2012. On this night dental staff provided excellent dental hygiene education and care to RAIN children and their parents. Dr.Eunah Cho and Dr. Lynn Wan also provided free check-ups for all children residing at the facility. ” I never knew that going to the dentist was so fun!” stated a RAIN child after the clinic was held. If you are looking for great dental care please visit www.spaceshipdentist.com

Thank you Camarillo Children’s Dental Group!