Large Family on Their Own

A family of 7 moved out of RAIN and into permanent housing. The family entered September 26, 2011 with no money, no work, and after living in their car, and going from one friend to another. With 5 children ranging in age from 3 to 11, the children were registered in school, assigned a tutor and adjusted quickly to life at RAIN. The family enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and all the children and their parents enjoyed a night at Dodger Stadium, trips to the pool, and beach. Both parents found employment. Mom worked off and on while Dad worked consistently. During their time here they paid off a lot of debt, resolved an eviction and saved $12,000. It was very hard for this family to move on, the trauma of having been homeless with their children weighed heavily on both parents. With help, they found an apartment for their family in Port Hueneme that was within their budget, and fit their large family. Thanks to our wonderful donors, we were able to furnish their apartment and send them off with dishes, pots and pans and our best wishes.

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